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Information regarding Software Updater

Mhouston100 W/ Alumni Posts: 7 Security Scout

We now have the software updater working in our trial and I have a few questions I wasn't able to answer with the documentation.


1. How are the updates distributed?  Are they downloaded to the Policy Management server and then distributed through the proxies etc?  Or are the clients just instructed to download the updates straight from the vendor website,  it's not really clear.


2. Windows updates, is this a replacement for WSUS?  or is it somehow able to leverage existing WSUS servers for the updates?  Same question above also, does the PM do the distribution or do the clients just get them from Windows update?


Basically we are looking at it from a bandwidth / control angle.


Thanks in advance!


  • Mhouston100
    Mhouston100 W/ Alumni Posts: 7 Security Scout

    Thanks for the response Ben.


    Wont be very helpful to us then I'm afraid we really required a managed deployment.  It wasn't on the original requirement anyway so no harm done!

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