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IMPORTANT: End-of-life for 8-series products coming soon

Dmitriy W/ Alumni Posts: 179 Threat Terminator

Dear all,


We would like to remind you that support for the F-Secure 8-series products will end at December 31st, 2011. This means that we will not guarantee the functionality of the following products:


  • Client Security 8-series
  • Anti-Virus for Workstations 8-series
  • Anti-Virus for Windows Servers 8-series
  • Anti-Virus for Citrix Servers 8-series
  • Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange 8-series
  • PSB Workstation Security 8-series
  • PSB Server Security 8-series
  • PSB Email and Server Security 8-series
  • Internet Gatekeeper (Windows) 6.61
  • Internet Gatekeeper (Linux) 3-series
  • Anti-Virus for MIMEsweeper 5.61
  • Linux Security 7-series

Starting from the beginning of 2012 we will cease distributing software and database updates for any of the products listed above. Since active window of a typical malware these days is less than a week, hosts using any of these product versions will be no longer protected even if the product keeps on running.


We encourage you to download the latest product versions immediately. You can find a list of supported products at:


Our partner can download the latest versions of our products from Partner Portal. You can log into the portal here:

Best regards,


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