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Issue with Policy manager automatic update agent failing to connect

richardclark W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

Policy Manager ver 11.10.49586


DNS looks fine


I have disabled the firewall on the server, for testing.

We are using a transparent proxy so as far as the server is concerned it’s a direct connection to the internet.


update agent log file output.

F-Secure Automatic Update Agent for WIN32 8.36.113: Agent started

[ 8172]Sun Mar 16 07:30:38 2014(2):  Connecting to (no BW proxy, no HTTP proxy)...

[ 8172]Sun Mar 16 07:31:38 2014(3):  Update check failed. There was an error connecting (Connection failed)


Message if I try and go directly from a web browser to

F-Secure Automatic Update Server. Unauthorized access is monitored and strictly forbidden.



I have tried removing the # and re-starting the services for both of these entries, no luck





I have added the Reg key, as below but still no luck.


How to configure F-Secure Policy Manager

You need administrator rights on the server to perform this.

To configure Policy Manager for Windows: 

Start Windows Registry Editor (regedit.exe).

Open the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Data Fellows\F-Secure\FSAUA

Right-click and select New > String Value to add a new string value with the beta update server address:

Name = RootServer

Type = REG_SZ

Data =

After you have done this, restart F-Secure Automatic Update Agent service (Start / Administrative Tools / Services).


anyone got any ideas, all else works fine apart from the auto updates 


Many thanks



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