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H2 Database growing uncontrolled

Prince_Charming W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

Hi to all,


we have a very strange behaviour with our H2 Database.

At first our Environment:


OS: Virtual Machine (ESX 5.1) Windows 2008 R2 64bit, 4 GB Ram, 2 Cores, 1 HDD now with 120 GB Size.


App: PMS 11.10.49589, about 250 Nodes


Until November last Year our DB was about 17 GB of size, then we made the decission to update to PMS 11.

After the Upgrade everything worked fine for about 4 weeks. After the 4 weeks our database growth uncontrolled in a few days till nearly 40 GB. After searching the Community i found a niffty little tool to repair the Database called fspm-db-recovery-tool, i used the tool (be sure to have at least twice the place of your actual database size plus some extra GB on your Harddrive) and the size decreased to 34 GB. That was in Februar 2014. I thought "Well done, Problem solved).

That was a big mistake!

Since last week Wednesday the DB again is growing uncontrolled from 36 GB to now 68 GB !!!!!!!!!!

Just overnight about 8 GB. That's very frustating to me.


Thats what i'v done so far:

Clean the Cache (weekly)

Delete all Alerting and Scan reports older than 7 days (Untick the box Dont show reports older than 100 days ;-)

holding only the last two  install packages for clients and servers.


I'v had opened up a case in February at F-Secure Business Security to investigate and resolve the Problem, but unfortunatly now one could help me with that Problem. I'v opened up a case yesterday but i think the support can't help me again.


I dont want to repair the DB again, not every 4 weeks.


Maybe one of you can?


A very frustated F-Secure Customer.







  • Frisjo
    Frisjo W/ Alumni Posts: 8 Junior Protector

    Dear Prince_Charming 


    Sorry for the late reply to this post. 


    Did you find a solution to the problem via the case you created?




  • Prince_Charming
    Prince_Charming W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

    Hello Frisjo,


    i'm still in Contact with the F-Secure Support. I'v send the DB and several logfiles to them, they still investigate the Problem.

    until now it seems to be a Problem with 2 Workstations witch are sending reports and alerts up to 70 times again and again.


    If theres something new i will give you a reply.





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