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Mergins two PMs?

Askoik W/ Alumni Posts: 27 Security Scout

Company A is merging into company B. Both companies have their own Policy Manager enviroments in production, but of course the signing keys are different.


Now we would like to merge all 600 clients into one common Policy Manager.


Is there somekind workaround to deal the signing key A to all clients in company B?  Or would it be easier to just "push install"  about 200 clients from Policy Manager A?




Asko Ikävalko



  • Gary
    Gary W/ Alumni Posts: 18 Digital Defender

    Hi Askoik,


    There is a tool available which can address this use case without requiring to reinstall the clients. Please contact support and ask for a Admin -Key-Replacer.jar package. Please attach the following information with your support request:


    1. fully qualified domain name or the IP address of the new Policy Manager Server
    2. TCP port used for host communication on the new Policy Manager Server (default is 80)
    3. file exported using Policy Manager Console connected to the Policy Manager Server in company B (assumed that you would like to continue with the PM in company B)

    You may also refer to the similar post in the community via the URL below:

    Moving workstations from one policy manager to another


    Best regards,



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