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Autodiscover Windows hosts not found

rrubio W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout


When I try to search new hots witch "Autodiscover Windows hosts" not found anything, don´t show eve nt domains.

Previously I have a v10 and work fine.


I have a Policy Manager Console 11.20. The Firewall is Off. 





  • Gary
    Gary W/ Alumni Posts: 18 Digital Defender

    Hi rrubio,


    Please be informed that Autodiscovery function actually returns the same results as cmd command: net view. This command actually display all the computers in the current domain. If there are no computers in that domain, it will not be listed in the Autodiscovery list.

    1. Try to confirm by running the net view command and extract the result to notepad:

    net view > netview.txt. Autodiscover should see the same host by using the net view.

    2. Try to get net view /domain and also net view /domain:yourdomain here as well. This will list all domains and workgroups in the network.

    Kindly check your network or firewall configuration, as well as the Computer Browser role (for certain Windows versions) within your network. More information on:




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