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Convert RescueCD into bootable USB

Griff MyAccount Posts: 2 Security Scout



Not really sure where to post this but according to the release notes for the F-Secure RescueCD version 3.14 it states under the version 3.11 'Ability to convert RescueCD into bootable USB stick'.  Please provide some sort of procedures on how to do this from a windows machine.  FYI, I'm a corporate customer and not just a home user using the RescueCD...




  • Griff
    Griff MyAccount Posts: 2 Security Scout



    Thank you for the quick reply.  I had finally gotten a chance to perform the "Convert RescueCD into bootable USB" and the instructions you had provided seemed to do the trick however I seem to get many errors when I try to boot up using the USB Stick.  I have performed the steps from the documentation verbatim however I’m using version 3.14 (build 43704).  I had used a 2GB USB stick that was cleaned with no partitions and launched the RescueCD version 3.14 (build 43704) from the actual CD and post successful updating of the Definitions ran through the steps in the documentation and it appears that it was created successfully.  The Rescue CD, on the USB device, boots up fine however when it attempts to check for fsdbupdate errors start to appears, see below.  If I just boot up with the physical CD then everything works and I do not get any errors so I’m not really sure why this does not work with the bootable USB.  Hopefully I provided enough info relating to this issue to help you or someone else determine the cause of this problem.  Any responses would be appreciated… thanks…


    I boot from the newly created USB Stick

    The Rescue CD Page appears

    “press Enter to star the Rescue CD”, I press enter and the program continues

    Please make sure that you have access to the internet

    Either plug in your network cable or make sure you have wireless enabled.


    Found appropriately configure memory stick

    Rescue CD will use this memory stick

    Found appropriately configured memory stick

    The F-Secure Rescue CD Page launches “F-Secure Rescue CD will scan the computer’

    Select Next and press enter to scan the computer, I select next and press enter and the programs continues


    Updating the virus definitions database  

    This could take some time, depending on your Internet connection


    • Error initializing AVA connection 4
    • Validating
    • Starting F-Secure Automatic Update Agent: done
    • Subscribing to aquapacked
    • Subscribing to commtouchunix
    • Subscribing to Hydralinix
    • Error initializing AVA connection 4
    • Error initializing AVA connection 4
    • Status: Error initializing AVA connection 4
    • Status: Error initializing AVA connection 4
    • The “Status: Error initializing AVA connection 4” message just repeats indefinitely…


    If I hit ALT-F9 on the’ F-Secure Rescue CD’ Page launches “F-Secure Rescue CD will scan the computer’ ‘Select Next and press enter to scan the computer’ I see the following:


    • Start AVA
    • Registering to channel  rescuecd
    • Registering to channel  hydralinux
    • Registering to channel  aquapacked
    • Force download start
    • AVA error.
  • Acex
    Acex MyAccount Posts: 1 Security Scout



    I have same kind of issue. Everything works fine if I boot from rescuCD (ver 3.14) but if do copy to USB disk I see same error messages (Error initializing AUA connection 4). I can skip this by CTR-c and continue to scan, but database is from 2011. I have this -file in sticks / -folder and there appears fsdbupdate9.failed_xxxxxxxx file after run try.


    Everything goes smoothly if I use cd and same USB disk with that -file on it.


    Is it possible to create booting USB disk with fresh databases?



  • nayan007
    nayan007 MyAccount Posts: 7 Security Scout

    I too have the almost similar kind of issue,but finally overcome it after getting a solution from here

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