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Upgrading from PM 9.x to 10.x

gbledsoe MyAccount Posts: 3 Security Scout



We are running Policy Manager 9.x in our environment and would like to upgrade to 10.x but are unsure of the best procedure to follow. Can we just run the PM 10.x installer and have it automatically upgrade both Policy Manager and the database schema? Should we build a new server and migrate all settings? Is there an upgrade guide that we could follow that gives clear instructions? Whatever guidance the Community can give would be appreciated.




  • Jayson
    Jayson W/ Alumni Posts: 106 Firewall Master

    Hi gbledsoe,

    To Upgrade from PM 9 to PM 10:

    1. Backup data from old PM 9 server:
    - Exit Polcy Manager Console if any.
    - Stop the Policy Manager Server Service.
    - Backup commdir directory that contains policy data and configuration, which is "[F-Secure Installation Dir]\f-secure\management server 5 folder\Commdir".
    - Backup Admin keypairs ( and admin.prv) that are found in "[F-Secure Installation Dir]\f-secure\administrator" folder.

    2. Install the PM 10.

    Check the system requirement:

    Point to the PM 9 data backed up when the migration wizard prompt.

    3. Configuring all hosts to be managed by new PM 10 server.
    - Open Policy Manager Console.
    - On Root Level, Go to Settings > Centralized management > Policy Manager Server settings > Policy Manager Server: Enter new PM 01 server address.
    - Distribute policy.


    Best Regards,

  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master



    Upgrade is straight forward, but the system requirements are TOO small. with OS the system drive should have 25 GB. and you have to have at least two cores if running in a VM!




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