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Whitelist not shown on Exchange 9.10 via Policy-Manager 10

Qlimax MyAccount Posts: 1 Security Scout



Hope someone can help me out.


I created a whitelist in Policy-Manager 10 under Anti-Virus for MS Exchange 9.10 at Lists and Templates.


But on the AV MS Exchange 9.10 Web-Console the lists are not shown.


Now i can´t choose Whitelist and all mailadresses that  are in that list  shown with ****SPAM****.


Tryed to make a 2nd list but it is the same too.


The Exchangeserver have the newest policy but i can change other settings like spamlevel, heuristic on/off and so on.


Can anybody help me out?






  • Dmitriy
    Dmitriy W/ Alumni Posts: 179 Threat Terminator



    Does WebUI for AV for MS Exchange show other settings that you change in PM Console? If not, then you need to troubleshoot why the product doesn't receive policy. Also note that if you have modified product settings locally with WebUI, they will not be changed to values you set in PM unless the Final flag is enabled for them. If you can't find a root of the problem, please feel free to open a support ticket and provide fsdiag. 

  • Jachym
    Jachym W/ Alumni Posts: 10 Security Scout


    I assume you are useing FS4ExSrv v9.10 and FSAV v9.00 on the same machine. If yes, the problem-maker for you is HotFix 7 which has to repair WEB UI but it does not work properly on this configuration. You have few possibilities only. Write me if your configuration is as I assumed.


  • garlangreeny
    garlangreeny MyAccount Posts: 10 Security Scout

    It seems like the best fix for this one is to upgrade to the latest PM. It works for me though. image

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