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Linux Security 10.00 support for RHEL 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 (in short: not supported)

JussiN W/ Alumni Posts: 9 W/ Former Staff

We've received questions about latest Red Hat Enterprice Linux and Ubuntu LTS regarding the Linux Security 10.00 and if those new versions of these distros are supported by it. Unfortunately they are not.


We will support RHEL 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 with the next release of the Linux Security.


The release schedule for next Linux Security version has not yet been confirmed.


Related thread regarding Ubuntu 14.04:


Also, you'll find the supported platforms here:


Questions and comments are naturally welcome!


  • JussiN
    JussiN W/ Alumni Posts: 9 W/ Former Staff

    Addition: this support for RHEL7 and Ubuntu 14.04 will be added to the next major version. There will be Linux Security 10.10 maintenance release soon but this does not add the RHEL7 and Ubuntu 14.04 support. Sorry.

  • etomcat
    etomcat W/ Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master



    Although a bit late, F-Secure Corp. is delivering on the promise. FSAV LS 11.00 (beta version) platforms info:


    32-bit Linux distributions: Oracle Linux 6.7 RHCK *)


    64-bit (AMD64/EM64T) distributions:
    •CentOS 6.7, 7.0, 7.1
    •RHEL 6.7, 7.0, 7.1
    •Debian 8.0, 8.1 **)
    •Ubuntu 14.04.2, 14.04.3
    •Oracle Linux 6.7 RHCK *)


    *) Red Hat compatible kernel (kernel-2.6.32-573.el6)


    **) The on-access scanning is not supported on Debian 8 because the kernel configuration has fanotify disabled by default.


    Note: These lists contain supported platforms for the beta version of the product and they will change for the release version.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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