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F-Secure and Chromecast - What firewall rules do I need to add to make Chromecast work

mkael W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout



I am setting up Chromecast on my father's Windows 8.1 laptop that has F-Secure Client Security 11.51. Chromecast works when F-Secure is not installed (I tried this, uninstalled the FSCS, set up Chromecast - worked! Then installed FSCS back on, Chromecast can not be found).


Internet (home WLAN) works fine and the Chromecast device works fine (I have an iPad and a Macbook that both see and work with the same Chromecast device the whole time).


The WLAN-router gives out a local 192.168... address but I don't know if they are randomised each time the systems are switched on (Chromecast draws its power from the TV's USB-port, we switch our TV off entirely from the powersocket). 


What firewall rules do I need to add to get Chromecast working?


  • Jerry
    Jerry W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Junior Protector

    Hello mkael.

    Thanks for joining in to the F-Secure Community.

    Quick to your question. 
    Not entirely sure if it will suit your disposition, but I read that Chromecast works on UPD 5353. Perhaps setting that port for your device(s), should solve your issue.

    Let me know if it helps.


  • mkael
    mkael W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

    Hey Jerry!


    Where can I enable/allow this UPD-port? In the F-Secure settings? (Is there a quick FAQ-page about how to edit these settings?)


    - Thanks!

  • Dmitriy
    Dmitriy W/ Alumni Posts: 179 Threat Terminator



    You can check this KB ( Even though instructions are defined for the consumer product (Internet Security), they should work with Client Security as well. You can also consult the online help, just hit Help button in Client Security UI.


    Hope this helps.

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