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PMP settings confusion

anvarij W/ Alumni Posts: 15 Security Scout

I have setup PMP 2.0 on servers at my schools to lighten the load for updates of AV definitions. I am confused as to where in the PM to set the order and info for the client. I see in FAV > Virus def updates> advanced update mech > update sources > servers > I can put my server in here with the syntax of 10.x.x.x:8080. I also set the primary update as the proxy and the secondary as the automatic update agent.

But I have also found simular settings under FS auto update agent >  settings > communications > PM proxies > pm proxy lists> priority=10 PM proxy address 10.x.x.x:8080 enabled=yes. allow fetching updates from f-secure update server = yes allow falling back to PMS if PMP is inaccessible=yes.


I only need this for AV updates.Not policy updates. I want the client to check the PMP first and if not available to check the PM for AV updates. which section do I use for my purpose?


PS . I also have a support call in. I have 8 of these servers setup and all of them are getting errors that the PMP service failed. when I go to services to start them up they just stop again. the first suggestion was to do this Article ID: 2157 but that did not help.


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