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F-Secure_PSB_for_Workstations_10.10-177_PSB1-signed not installing

F-Satan W/ Alumni Posts: 9 Security Scout

I just recently delievered a new Lenovo computer with Windows 7 Pro and Norton Internet Security to a customer. With Norton installed I performed all the sw installations and file copying. After that it was time to swap from Norton to F-Secure. I checked and doublechecked that there was a license available and it was valid. From the portal I downloaded the latest software and installation key. I also downloaded Norton_Removal_Tool with which I removed the Norton Internet Security. After reboot it was time for F-Secure. The installation started normally - with elevated userrights - but to my surprise I got an announcement:

All parts of the software could not be installed. Excluded Components: Virus & Spy Protection, Firewall, Spam Control (HIPS), E-Mail Scanning, ORSP Client, ISP News, Browser Protection, Software Updater. Remove the old installation, and reinstall the product. If you want to use an existing product installation, restart your computer.
WTF I thougth and downloaded uitool. I run it and rebooted. Again I tried to install - again with elevated priviledges. And with the same result. I tried to search fsdiag from the computer - nada. I tried to search it from F-Secure website. The site is pretty and very commercial but not very practical, I didn't find the software. So I started to write a support ticket.
Again some a*****e had thought that 500 chars is enough. I started to be annoyed, I simply stated the problem of software not installing and additional info to be received via telephone/email. Also did I attach the capture of the problem window.
Needless to say that the telephone support is very underresourced, after 15 min. no answer.
There are 2 positive things though. I found the fsdiag and run it, it will be asked for. And i managed to install Norton Internet Security 30 Day Demo back to the computer. Now it is not without protection.
This I would have told to support but could not due to restrictions.
I wonder if any of you in the community have suggestions where to go next.


  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello F-Satan,


    I can't say much without fsdiag, but it seems that the problem is with unsufficient rights for installation. Could you try to install the product while logged in with administrator account?


    Best regards,


  • F-Satan
    F-Satan W/ Alumni Posts: 9 Security Scout

    Hello Vad!


    I always do all install procedures with administrative accounts AND from command prompt with elevated priviledges.

    That - I believe - was mentioned in my first post. If you could share secret knowledge of how to achieve even more priviledges when installing software (yes I know it is possible to achieve system priviledges with pstools).




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