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F-Secure ssh file transfer: how to setup unattended (scripted) file transfer Win-Unix

Vlad W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout


I have F-Secure SSH File Transfer client v5.3 build21. I'd like to be able to automate a file transfer between a Windows and a Unix box using private keys. I need the configuration to be completely unattended so I can script it to run in the middle of a night without having a user type in a password. I have been able to do it with Putty SFTP tool using PAgent software. Also I saw a manual for what seems to be a different version of F-Secure file transfer agent - it has an option in "Configuration Settings" called "Agent Keys" which my version does not have.
Could someone please tell me what I need - do I need a software upgrade and to what version, can I install the "Agent Keys" component separately? What would be the command line to enable such scripting functionality?
Thank you


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