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F-Secure Managment Agent: The file .....\policybpf did not pass signiture verification...

Gaasbeek W/ Alumni Posts: 17 Security Scout

At this moment we are having problems within our VDI envoirment.

We are using F-Seucre Anti-virus for workstations 11.00 Build 334.

This is running in Windows 7


We have a master installed with this software.

And we use VMWare view to deploy arround 800 virtual desktops.


At this moment we see that several machines are reporting this error "F-Secure managment Agent: the File c:\Program Files\F-Secure\Common\CommDir\policies\policy.bpf did not pass signature verification. The file may have been manually modified. If the problem persist, please contact the system administrator"


I have read the other topics about MSI created with an old PMC server or push from and old PMC server.

but that is not the case.

the MSI has been created with the current active PMC server in the network.


The error message is displayed on some of the desktops over recomposing.

Most of the times 10/20 a day.


All other desktops dont report the error. (checked Windows logfiles for it)

The machines that report the error are not working correctly.

The machines are extreemly slow.


The error doesnt seem to be connected to the hostname.


the MSI has been created several months ago. it is not a new MSI package.

The problem started 4 weeks ago.

No changes where made arround that time.


If it was the file i would expect it to happen to all machines.

But that aint the case



  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello Gaasbeek,


    Please, contact support. We'll need need fsdiag(s) collected by support tool on affected host(s) to investigate the issue.

    I would also recommend you to try latest version 11.60.


    Best regards,


  • Chrissy
    Chrissy W/ Alumni Posts: 40 Digital Defender
    Hi Gaasbeek!

    Any update on this issue? Please let us know if you found a solution, and if so, what it was!
  • Gaasbeek
    Gaasbeek W/ Alumni Posts: 17 Security Scout

    We didnt fix it yet.


    The problem didnt pop up for 2 weeks now i think.

    And today i have had one machine that had the problem, Only the machines was removed before i was able to do a FSDIAG Smiley Sad


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