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F-Secure Server Security and Citrix PVS

Phatn W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout


A question regarding F-Secures databases.


Is it possible to move the location of the virus definition database to another disc?


We are using Citrix Provisionig Services (PVS) to provision our Citrix-Servers with F-Secure Server Security installed.

Would it be possible to move the database to a persistent drive whereas our system drive is non-persistent.

This question has been mentioned before in thread:

However, that was when the version was 9.x

We are running Server Security 11.01







  • Federico
    Federico W/ Alumni Posts: 29 Cyber Knight

    Hi Henrik,


    As mentioned on the link you posted, some updates will also provide new binaries hence it is not possible to separate them. You could install the whole program on another drive which is persistent if that is the case.



  • rangerlj
    rangerlj W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout
    After buying Vsphere 5.1, Vshield is free for users.
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