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PSB portal: accidental deletion

Stone W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

hi all


today I deleted accidentally a pc from portal. I unistalled the suite with the latest official unistall tool.

I installed again the software and it refuses the serials and of course i don't see the computer on portal.


How I can solve?




  • JussiN
    JussiN W/ Alumni Posts: 9 W/ Former Staff
    Hi, just in case someone find this with search engine. Since mid-2015 there is a way to get the computer return by clearing the list of removed computers for the subscription the computer was removed from (when a computer is removed it gets blocked so even if the endpoint software is still installed and the machine active, it stays away). When a computer returns it loses the alias name (if it was set) and gets the default profile (the one set by the admin for the account; if not set, then gets the system default profile). It takes 8 hours for the computer to return from the initial removal&unblock (time is counted from the removal so this is typically only relevant when accidentally deleting.
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