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Autodiscover windows hosts with remote subnets.

Costas-Inter W/ Alumni Posts: 36 Security Scout

Dear All


We are planning for an F-secure bussiness suite deployment on a environment with many remote offices. The offices are behind leased lines (thus routers/firewalls) on different subnets. Of course there is Active Directory.


I am concerned on how 'Autodisover Windows Hosts' feature from PMC will be efficient in discovering all end-points for deployment. I understand that this feature is based on Windows Network Browsing, but I think that the later is less and less supported in modern networks. Windows 2008 Server already starts with Computer Browser service disabled.


So I'm afraid that Autodiscover windows hosts is going to miss hosts.


I would like to have your experience on alternative ways to deal with this.

What methods you usually use/suggest when hosts are missing from Autodiscover windows hosts?


Does F-secure thinking of an additional method? E.g. allowing to scan an IP range from PMC to discover hosts and which of those are unprotected?


Thank you


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