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How to hotfix FSPM for Linux 10.x

KultisJeppe W/ Alumni Posts: 16 Security Scout

I downloaded the hotfix for FSPM for Linux (, unzipped it and had a look at the readme. It says to stop the AUA, install the new version of AUA from the hotfix package, then restart AUA. Simple enough.

# service fsaua stop
Shutting down F-Secure Automatic Update Agent: [ OK ]
# rpm -i fspmaua-8.36.67-1.x86_64.rpm file /opt/f-secure/fsaua/bin/fsaua from installation of f-secure-automatic-update-agent-8.36.67-1.x86_64 conflicts with the file from f-secure-automatic-update-agent-8.26.6240-1.i386


(and another 9 messages like it)


Fair enough, I'll just remove it then.

# yum remove f-secure-automatic-update-agent-8.26.6240-1.i386
Removing because of dependencies: 


Ok, so I can't install it, and I can't remove it unless I want to reinstall the whole policy manager.


Is there any way around installing everything from scratch?


I'm on RHEL 6.6


  • KultisJeppe
    KultisJeppe W/ Alumni Posts: 16 Security Scout
    I recall there being some issue with the FSPMC for Linux and FSPMS 11.x, has this issue been resolved? So I can now use FSPMC with the 11.x?
  • Hailan
    Hailan W/ Alumni Posts: 11 Cyber Knight

    Hi Kultis.Jeppe,


    I am not sure what issues you are reffering to, to my knowlesge it is a better working version then the 10.x versions. However if you can point us to the direct issue/problem you are reffering to I could verify and see if it is resolved or still present. This information could also be part of the release notes of the product.

  • KultisJeppe
    KultisJeppe W/ Alumni Posts: 16 Security Scout

    There was an issue when 11.x was released. I'm not entirely sure what it was anymore, but we were unable to upgrade to 11.x last time (about a year ago) because of some limitation regarding using Linux. If that's no longer an issue, that's good.

    I just tried to install the 11.x rpm (fspms-11.31.60662-1.x86_64-rtm.rpm) on our system, but yum refused, stating that the package conflicted with 10.x (f-secure-policy-manager-server-10.20.46574-1.x86_64)

    I uninstalled the AUA and fspms 10.x with yum, which deleted the entire folders with our settings (tree structures, policies and certificates). I have backups, so it's not that huge an issue, but it just seems like there should be more of an instruction set to this than "1. Download. 2. Deploy.".


    Edit: I stand corrected. The folder was deleted, but the entire structure was still there. My apologies for assuming otherwise. We're now running 11.x with AUA version 8.36.67-1 (fspmaua-8.36.67-1.x86_64-rtm.rpm). 


    Thank you!

  • Hailan
    Hailan W/ Alumni Posts: 11 Cyber Knight



    I am unaware of that problem especially since version 11,x of Linux Policy Manager (PM) has only been out since December 2014. From the release notes upgrade instructions are also available:


    Red Hat, CentOS, SuSE

    Enter the following commands as the root user:

    # rpm -U fspmaua-8.36.67-1.i386-rtm.rpm<BR />

    # rpm -U fspms-11.31.60662-1.i386-rtm.rpm<BR />

    # rpm -U fspmc-11.31.60662-1.i386-rtm.rpm<BR />

    Note: Use the '--replacefiles' option on openSUSE 12.3 to upgrade Policy Manager Server and Policy Manager Console.

    Note: Use 64-bit installation packages when upgrading 64-bit platform versions of Policy Manager Console, Policy Manager Server and Policy Manager Automatic Update Agent.

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