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Policy Manager server rebuild, admin.prv lost

Tuoppi9 W/ Alumni Posts: 4 Security Scout



My Policy Manager server died. I have no backups of it. I do have, but no admin.prv file.

Is there anyway to rebuild PM and get clients connected to the new PM (same IP and name) without having to push Client Security again on all client computers?


  • Ben
    Ben W/ Alumni Posts: 664 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello Tuoppi9,


    Please take contact with our support so that we can try to assist you.

  • Tuoppi9
    Tuoppi9 W/ Alumni Posts: 4 Security Scout

    Haven't received any info from F-Secure support, so here's update to the situation.

    I've managed to find an old backup of the h2db dir and admin.prv key.


    What should I do?

    h2db is outdated. How can I get the clients to communicate with the Policy Manager server again?

  • andrzej
    andrzej W/ Alumni Posts: 48 Junior Protector


    Instuctions in post  should give your the basic guideline

    If I were you, I woudl simply reinstall PMC/PMS software, after copying first  the .pub and .prv keys on the new server and point the installer to them. New server ought to be given the same IP, hence the same DNS name  as the old server.

    Nodes missing in the restored older copy of H2 db will start autoregistering as long as the DNS address is the same and the key matches. This way you will have at least the skeleton if not all the policies you were using in the past



  • Chu
    Chu W/ Alumni Posts: 49 Junior Protector

    Hi, as you found a old backup, I recommend you try to extract the keys from this backup. To perform this action, you can use recovery database tool.



    When you recover the database the first object recovered is the both keys, and admin.prv.


    With a few of luck you will be able to recover your admin.prv key.


    Best Regards,


    Roberto Chu

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