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PSB Linux Server - Command Line Only

Chu W/ Alumni Posts: 49 Junior Protector

Good morniing!


I have to install PSB Linux Security in a CentOS7, but the CentOS 7 only works in Command Line. 


I realize to install as Command Line just have a specific serial to be used, but as I installing a PSB, the serial dont match the same (the seial to install Command Line only in the client/server managened by Policy Manager is different the PSB serial). 


How I configure the PSB Linux Security as Command Line only? If I use the PSB serial to try to install, the installation try install full mode, not the command line only.


Anyone already installed Linux Command Line only in PSB?




Roberto Chu


  • Master_Yoda
    Master_Yoda W/ Alumni Posts: 2 W/ Former Staff

    Hello Chu!


    If if recall it correctly, Centos 7 ships with a new kernel version, currently not supported by the kernel interceptor used by F-Secure (dazuko), whereas Command-line-only installation is not dependent on the kernel version used.

    A new version of Linux Security supporting newer kernel versions (including the one in Centos 7) is currently scheduled to be released later this year (likely Quarter 4) and I believe you may try again after  that


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