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PMC pushing wrong fscs version to client

Mozzy-Dolfen W/ Alumni Posts: 4 Security Scout

Hi community,


lately I'm confronted with the issue of pushing fscs-12.00.648.jar to my clients in the corporate network, and getting fscs-9.31-rtm.jar installed, about which the PMC sais: "Failed: setup error. Partial Success. ..."

Now under normal circumstances, I'd give it some time and eventually I'd see that fscs12 gets installed. But as of today this has turned into an issue that I can't live with, because before the 'eventually...' my boss got in the way and asked me why for heavens sake this OLD version is installed!


The way I've been going about pushing new version to clients is as follows:

1. get new version from f-secure as .jar file.

2. Import new .jar file into PMC.

3. push new .jar to all clients on the network.


since lately: 4. wonder why version 9 gets installed first and 12 some time after that.


Somebody please tell me that I'm doing it all wrong!


PMConsole / -Server  version 11.30.60634 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

Clients all Windows 7 x64 within a Domain structure.







  • Mozzy-Dolfen
    Mozzy-Dolfen W/ Alumni Posts: 4 Security Scout

    Thanks Vad!


    Up until recently I didn't have this issue, and I didn't see any reason to delete packages from the PMC package collection. Nevertheless, I did as you advised, cleared out all the old packages and with that all old rules were vaporized. Set one new rule to deploy the current version 12 and guess what: works like a charm!Smiley Very Happy




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