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Update Client Security without internet in windows

LTsmash W/ Alumni Posts: 16 Security Scout

Hi there, i´m new here, so i´m sorry if I don´t do something in the right way.


 I have an environment without internet connection, and for our security we use F-Secure Client Security 10.0.


I want to update the database of virus, and I found this link:


I downloaded fsdbupdate9.exe, but when I run it does nothing...


Does anyone have any idea what can I do? Are there another executables maybe?


Thank you!



  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello LTsmash,


    First of all, please, upgrade your Client Security to a newer version. 10.00 has several critical bugs, including problems with automatic updates. Best option is latest version 12.00.


    Second, fsdbupdate9.exe will not work properly, if the client had never been connected to the policy manager. Could it be your case?


    Best regards,


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