Desperate! Help please! Cannot access my subscription!

I'm running out of hope here. I just bought F-Secure PSB subscriptions last week. Got my license PDF in email, went to setup an account on the portal, and it tells me my subscription keys are invalid.  Contacted support, they said that the keys are valid, but associated to my company on the portal already, however there is no username to access them!  They told me I needed to contact sales as they are the only ones who have access to modify this information.  I left voicemails for sales, so did my reseller.  I left voicemails with my local rep, so did my reseller.  I tweeted them, and messaged / posted on their facebook, and nothing.  I can't get this issue fixed and all I want to do is use the product I paid for!  If anyone out there can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.  I'm desperate.  Thank you!


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    First let's ask within your company. Maybe a collegue holds the login to the already existing PSB web account of your company?


    Else, you could e-mail logistics at f-secure dot com

    Of course you will need to provide them with the exact details, because one cannot effectively help you with "a problem with an account belonging to my subscription on a portal".


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    Hello Kevbum522,


    According to your related support ticket, the issue has finally been resolved yesterday evening. 

    Subscriptions issue are always complicated to handle through our community.


    Let us know should you have any further problems.

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