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security differences between PSB 10 and FSCS12

StevenGE W/ Alumni Posts: 11 Security Scout
Hi all, what are the main differences in functionality and security from the PSB version and the "normal" version of enterprise F-secure. how come the design is so different and the version number to? all the tests done from are for the CS version. does it mean that the same level of protection is offered by the PSB version? thank you for your help. Steven


  • NickJ
    NickJ W/ Alumni Posts: 29 Junior Protector

    Hi Steven,


    I would say that the short answer is on the whole, yes. But the long answer is, it depends on what features you want. If you want to know whether those AV tests apply to PSB - yes, I think they do.


    As I understand it, all the tech in PSB (scan engines, deepguard, firewall, file signatures etc) are the same as CS. However, at this point, CS is a more fully featured product (some features such as USB controls, are not available in PSB at this point) but I am expecting this to change over time. 


    The main difference between the two is in the management. PSB is a cloud managed product, whereas CS is on-premise. This in itself does not affect the level of protection on the end-point.


    The next PSB release is going to be version 12 (no v11), so at that point the version numbers will be in line.



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