F-Secure Workstation Security for Mac not detecting Windows RAT.exe or x86_Powershell Malware



I have been testing F-Secure Workstation Security  for Mac. As the subject states I exported a RAT out of Kali Linux, the Windows version (of F-Secure) works fine detects the exe as Malware but the Mac does not. The software is up to date. Any ideas ?




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    Does AV for OS X detect non-OSX threats? Since FSAV for OS X is supposed to run only on workstation Apples, maybe resource usage was optimized by omitting the other platforms' threats, since there is no need to protect other computers from collateral damage as in the case of a fileserver or e-mail server?


    (I think Apple Mac OS X is based on BSD Unix very deep inside.)


    Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    As Tamas mentioned PSb for workstation for MAC is focused on detecting OSX threats. 

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