Cannot update the definitons only on one server

Good night to all,

please I have an issue to update the definitions on my server connected trough F-Secure Policy Manager Console (ver. 11.31.60662).

The problem has been present only on one server, for the others everything works fine.

The server has windows 2008. I tried to unistall the server antivirus, clean the registry by regedit and reinstall. I tried even to install the antivirus by policy and it works but I cannot update the definitons.

If I check on the Policy Manager Console the host is connected but the virus definitions are outdated (2008-03-24_01). I installed on the server also the utility FSDUPDATE9.exe and on the FSECURE POLICY server I launched fsaua-reset, but I had still the same problem.

Finally I restarted both the server. I checked the time settings and the firewall is OFF. I tried also by the update virus definition button and then to launch ditribute policies.

I have almost 110 machines and only this has this trouble.

Below the print screen on the policy manager.




The other server domain works fine

Please may you help me ?


Thank you so much







  • Ben
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    Hello Germano77,


    In order to investigate better your problem we would need to check the update logs of this serveur(fsaua.log).


    Please open a support ticket and provide a fsdiag to speed-up the request.

  • etomcat
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    > connected trough F-Secure Policy Manager Console (ver. 11.31.60662).


    Is there a particular reason you are using an older product version? FSPM 12.00 has been RTM for several months and 12.10 is now in beta version.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.


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