linux client - activation error



i am trying to get fsecure up and running on my linux server


when trying to activate I get this message:



Please enter the keycode you have received with your

purchase of F-Secure Linux Security.

keycode: l

Validating keycode...


/opt/f-secure/fsav/sbin/ 1: eval: /opt/f-secure/fsav/libexec/license-check: not found

Unknown error (code 127).



the machine is ubuntu, for pre-req I did this: 


Ubuntu 8.04 Server, Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu 10.10

sudo apt-get install rpm libc6-dev patch linux-libc-dev make gcc





  • ITom
    ITom Posts: 7 New Member

    the file does appear to be there:


    [email protected]:/opt/f-secure/fsav/libexec$ ls

    fsaccd-x86  fsaccd-x86_64  fsadhd  fsadhd.stop  fslmalerter  fsoasd.stop  fsoasd_bh  fsoasd_th  license-check  mgmtpipe

    [email protected]:/opt/f-secure/fsav/libexec$ sudo ./license-check


    sudo: unable to execute ./license-check: No such file or directory

    [email protected]:/opt/f-secure/fsav/libexec$



  • Ben
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    Hello ITom,


    Could you confirm which version of Linux security you are trying to install?

    You can find the pre-installation check list for the latest version here.

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