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Still we have problem with CS all versions, when SSL is used with Mozilla Thunderbird

Netc MyAccount Posts: 2 Security Scout


I have wrote about this before in the old forum - Posted - 02 Feb 2011 :  18:19:35 (Mozilla Thunderbird - AV scanning problem )

The problem is still present. And it still break the connection so it it not possible to receive any e-mail. If F-Secure get the e-mail scanning disable every thing works.


The Problem
If you use any encrypted connections, AV scanner can't scan the e-mail, that's a known problem and I don't expect F-Secure to do anything about that. The problem is when i use Mozilla Thuunderbird and AV scanning is enabeld and i use encrypted connections the the mail server F-Secure CS breaks the connection and i have to disabel all mail scanning  But what if I have 1 connection to a server with STARTTLS to a server and another connection to a normal SMTP server. Then the E-mail will not get scanned for malware from the normal SMTP server because i have to disable scanning on all mail connections in the CS.

I would be nice if CS could see the STARTTLS and just ignore scanning on the type of connection and don't break the connection in mozilla Thundebird to the server and the still have scanning enabled, so it will scan other connections to other mail servers that only uses SMTP. from tha same client.


Regards Lenny



I have a little problem with Mozilla Thunderbird.

When I use IMAP TCP PORT 143 with STARTTLS and with outgoing smtp 25 with STARTTLS enabled, it will not connect to my mail server. If i disable AV scanning everything works fine.

I know that STARTTLS is encrypted and that AV scanning not can take plase over encrypted connections.

My question is, will the AV scanner then scan content in the Mozilla Thunderbird if I have received an infected message ?

Best regards
Lenny Hansson


  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master



    just looking for workarounds for that problem.


    This shows the ports that are protected by default. could you try to configure the account in TB in a way that the secure ports 993/995 and 465 are used instead of 110, 143 and 25?


    Try to open a telnet session to your mailsever on those ports. does it somehow respond at all?


    What firewall profil is in use?


    Please report back.



  • Netc
    Netc MyAccount Posts: 2 Security Scout
    Hi I have tried that with same result it cuts the connection. It is using the default office rule in the firewall. The telnet test i will do monday when i get in office. Regards Netc
  • stinklyonion
    stinklyonion MyAccount Posts: 13 Security Scout

    I just can't stop wondering whether you get this problem fixed or not. Any update? image

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