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any recommendation for H2 database routine management?

andrzej W/ Alumni Posts: 48 Junior Protector

Few days ago I upgraded PMS/PMC server which runs PMS 11.31 from Windows 2012 Std to Windows 2012 R2 Std (among ~1400 nodes we stil have few Windows 2003 servers;  hence we can not upgrade yet to ver 12.00).


Regardless of shutting down all the F-Secure related services prior to the upgrade, I was not able to login to PMC when the upgrade was completed; gladly runing fspms-db-recovery tool, fixed this problem.


At that stage I realized that PMC can be again really fast and responsive if it is not clogged with whatever clutter is left behind during the regular operation. Please note that I did not purge any Reports or Alerts.

Server is usually rebooted monthly after installing Windows OS updates, but the PMC performance noticeable gets degrading over time unless the recovery tool, available at, is run against it.


Running recovery tool is not a huge inconvenience but the process is pretty manual


I have not seen any DB cleanup features in the PMS 12.00 release notes, nor was not able to find any recommendation in the documentation or in the community posts regarding routine database maintenance; hence if I may I would like to ask for an enhancement in the future software releases for an internaly run process to clean DB as a task which could be scheduled or even executed autimatically.






  • etomcat
    etomcat W/ Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master



    > we still have few Windows 2003 servers;  hence we can not upgrade yet to ver 12.00


    If you use FSPM 12.00 for centralized control, that does not prevent management of Windows 2003 (FSAV ESS 11.01) and WinXP (FSAV CS/WKS 11.61) endpoints.


    If you have FSPM 11.3 server on Windows 2003, apparently the upgrade of central management to FSPM 12.00 can happen, even though the documentation mentions support only for Win 2008 and up. (But I think fresh-new install of FSPM 12 is not possible on Win 2003.)


    The novelties of FSPM 12, for example automatic H2 database backup and better AD integration, make it much more usable in corporate environment.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • andrzej
    andrzej W/ Alumni Posts: 48 Junior Protector

    Thanks Tamas,

    A while ago I wrote a powershell script to backup my H2 database on reguar basis, so I am covered on that front.

    I inquired about possible scrubbing on the regular basis the garbage apparently collected in the H2 database over time.

    Executing the recover-db tool shrunk it from ~3.5GB to ~1.8GB and it looks that all the alerts and reports are still present, while over this weekend the DB started to grow, currently sitting at ~2.2GB.


    But it is good to know that version 12 will work with 2003 servers. I did't want to take a chance of cutting off the PMC server from managing 2003 servers.

    We obviously know that both OSs are not supported by Microsoft any longer, but  I am curious why F-Secure stated in the documentation that the support of the PMS/PMC for XP and 2003 is discontinued with version 12.





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