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Being a reseller and user of F-Security (Business) and also a user iof MailChimp , I have this problem that mail messages sent through MailChimp campaigns are being reported as spam by F-Secure. Consequently an important number of addressees is not receiving this mail in the regular  inbox.


Is there a known solution for solving this in F-Secure or in MailChimp?


Thanks for your advice/comments


  • Ben
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    Hello ChrisMapa, 


    Could you tell us which F-Secure product are you using and is reporting emails from MailChimp campaign as spam?


  • F-Secure Activation ID: fsecure_XXXXXXXXXX
    Activation Status: Activated
    Proofpoint Protection Server Version:
    Spam MLX Engine Version: 7.0.1-1601100000
    Spam MLX Definitions Version: main-1603140110
    Content Extraction Engine Version:
    Zero-Hour Anti-Virus Engine Version: 7.5.0_20130516_1025
    F-Secure Anti-Virus Definitions Version: 2016-03-14_07-28-49
    F-Secure Anti-Virus Engine Version: 7.0.1-25010432_140910_2134




  • Ben
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    Hello ChrisMapa, 


    The mass mailing send through Mailchimp, is very likely triggering bulk rule. It is  made to stop bulk reception of emails. You can disable it or adjust its threshold to fit your need under Spam detection>Policies>Rules.

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