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Windows 10 crashes after FSCS install via FSPM

infosys W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout


I am installing FSCS on 2 new PC with Windows 10 (1511, 10586) using distributed software install.

With install of 11.60 jar or 11.61 , the target PC crashes either  just at the end of the install or on reboot with a message "CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED".


I found posts on forums about this sort of crash and the FS advice was to

1. Uninstall all FS products with the Uninstall tool

2. Bring Windows 10 up to date with latest versions

3. Resinstall the FSCS


I did all that and it scenario has not changed in the slightest.

The PC crashes with the same message.

On a second PC, exactly the same.


Am I doing something wrong ?


I understand that the latest version of FS is v12.

Does that means that v.11 is no longer supported ?


Is there a fix ? A link to a specail jar guaranteed to work with Windows 10 ?









  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello infosys,


    Only CS 12.00 supports installation on Windows 10.

    Older versions doesn't support this OS. You can check Release notes for the information about supported OS for each release.

    So, please, use CS 12.00 installer for Windows 10.


    Best regards,


  • infosys
    infosys W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

    Thanks, Vad. You're right.

    And this info is available on the website, but, IMHO, in a way that is not optimised ...


    In the CS v.11.x section, Windows 10 is not mentioned, so the info is there, by being absent.

    In the CS v.12.00 section, Windows 10 is mentioned, so the info is there but,

    if the user has not yet installed v.12 or has no immediate intention of installing v.12 ,

    he will not visit the v.12 section and he will not see this info.

    As it is the user has to switch between web pages to discover the info by comparison.


    I think it would be better if the version compatibility info was presented in a table so that the differences would be immediately visible.

    Or maybe, add a line to the CS 11.x page stating that CS 11.x is not compatible with Windows 10.


    Another thing, why does the installation actually continue to the end on the Windows 10 machine, as the programme and the OS are incompatible ? Why does the install programme not check the OS version at the start and abort with an error message ?



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