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PM 9 under W2k03 SP2: Sending Alerts via SMTP

xunil321 MyAccount Posts: 2 Security Scout

Dear all,

we have configured the alerts forwarding feature in order to get

the notifications by email:

In the E-mail server address (SMTP) field we put in our Mail Server's IP:25

and for instance that Information and warning level alerts are sent to

Unfortunately this does not work.

Any idea what's wrong here or is there any way to send a test mail within PM 9?

Thanks, Rainer




  • johan65
    johan65 W/ Alumni Posts: 20 Security Scout



    First of all.


    The policy manager does not send any alert mail at all. The alert setting in Policy Manager is set up all F-Secure Clients to send alerts as an SMTP-client.

    Because the client itself sends these alerts, you must allow them to send mail in your SMTP-server.

    And if you don´t allow to have an unknown e-mail address wish send these alerts, you have to configure that to in your SMTP-server.



    Hope this will help.

    With best Regards:

    Johan O Olsson/ATEA Sweden AB Karlstad


  • xunil321
    xunil321 MyAccount Posts: 2 Security Scout


    Many thanks for your answer.

    Do we have to configure the F-Secure Clients in order to send their

    alerts to our mail server?

    Greetings, Rainer


  • johan65
    johan65 W/ Alumni Posts: 20 Security Scout

    Hi Dear!



    Yes. The SMTP-client within F-Secure client on your computer is configuring with the information you showed before. And you configure it within your main policy for all your clients in policy manager and distribute it. The other setting I mentioned earlier must be set within your SMTP-server to allow the communication within your organization.

    The step in Policy Manager is:


    1. Make sure you are in the root-level in policy structure.
    2. Go to "Alert Sending" in "Settings" (within Antivirus mode).
    3. Set (SMTP) to whatever server you like to use an make sure it is accessible from all your clients.
    4. Set (From) to a valid e-mail address allowed to send mail via the SMTP you chose above.
    5. Check, (in "Alert forwarding"), "Security alert" or more in column "E-mail" and click the highlighted button.
    6. Set the mail address for wish account in your organization you want to receive alerts via e-mail.
    7. Distribute policy.



    Hope this will work.

    With Best Regards:

    Johan O Olsson/ATEA Sweden AB


  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master



    may I point out, that sending alters via smtp can harzardous to your mail server in case there is a problem occurring on each Client!

    e.g. in case of a false positive on a siver file the Client would geneate an email on every attempt to start that failing service!


    I highly recommend to only set this service up for some rarely visited servers or some selected clients. In all other cases the reports in the H2DB provide the same information. This will also not endanger your mailserver to become a victim of a DOS.


    What exactly do you want to achieve with forwarding these alerts?





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