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(F-Secure Policy Manager)Subdomain does not inherit all values

Tioz W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout

Hallo Everyone,

I recently took over the F-Secure administration from a college so I'm not very experienced and new to the topic. My first task was to upgrade from v11 to v12 because of the v11 end of life. I succeeded with the upgrade so far and now I started changing our domain structure.


I ran into a strange issue where a newly created subdomain did not inherit all setting from my main domain.


Here is a screenshot of the subdomain “Workstations” it has a default value for pulling update of every hour but in my Main domain the value was changed to 10 minutes.






This is only an example. Other settings are not inherited too. I always thought that I get a “delete” button (löschen in german) if a value in a subdomain is changed. But it somehow looks to me, that the subdomain thinks, that the 1h are inherited.


Sure I can force/push the settings from my main domain to all subdomains but some of my subdomains have custom settings. For example mobile Devices update less frequently so I don’t want to push the setting on everything beneath the main domain.


Anyone has an idea why my subdomain "Workstations" does have its own values although it is beneath the main domain and should inherit everything?


My frist post and already a problem....hope in the future I will be able to help someone too ;-)


Thank you





  • gerema
    gerema W/ Alumni Posts: 18 Junior Protector

    Hello Stefan,


    Could you please provide a screenshot of "Show domain values..." dialog on the subdomain.

  • Tioz01
    Tioz01 W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout



    Sorry I had to create a new account because my e-mail adresse in the last was not correct and I had not chance to log back in again.



    F-Secure Policy Manager-Konsole - [admin @ https___ist-sec5] - [Erweiterter Modu_2016-04-04_13-21-57.png



    F-Secure Policy Manager-Konsole - [admin @ https___ist-sec5] - [Erweiterter Modu_2016-04-04_13-22-09.png


    F-Secure Policy Manager-Konsole - [admin @ https___ist-sec5] - [Erweiterter Modu_2016-04-04_13-22-29.png



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