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/8/MRQ ?

gvaccarello W/ Alumni Posts: 21 Security Scout




We saw on the proxy that one pc acceded (the pc is off thus I can't saw what it did) the policy manager with /8/MRQ : http://IP policymanger/8/MRQSmiley Tongueort  in place of just http://IPSmiley Tongueort. Could you tell me what is /8/MRQ and if it is normal ?


Thanks in advance for your advies,




  • tt-percomp
    tt-percomp W/ Alumni Posts: 8 Cyber Knight



    this request belongs to the signature update mechanism.


    Maybe it´s a good idea to configure your clients to handle the URL of your management server as "internal", thus bypassing your web-proxy for such requests.


    Br, Tom.

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