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I'm tring to install f-secure client security on client systems. The installation is being completed but we are getting the follwing error.


"F-secure management agent : The file c\ program files (*86)f-secure \common\history\ha.bpf did not pass signature verification. The file may have been manually modified."


Any help on this case would be of great help.







  • Vad
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    Hello mfb1,


    Please, provide more details:

    1. What is your installation scenario(MSI, push install from PMC, policy based upgrade)? Clean install or upgrade from previous CS version/other F-Secure product?

    2. What version of Client Security are you installing? If this is an upgrade, what is the version of upgrading product.


    Best regards,


  • mfb1
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    thanks for your prompt response,
    I'm installing via msi , individually in every pc, I'm using client security premium 12.00
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    So, this is a clean installation?

    And your PM version is 12.00?

    Could it be so, that you'd changed PM server keys recently?

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