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Search through quarantine in Internet gatekeeper for Linux

JGRA MyAccount Posts: 3 Security Scout



  is there an easy way to search through e-mail quarantine in F-secure Internet gatekeeper for Linux? Can´t we use a simple e-mail client to have access to those files?




Joao Araujo


  • johan65
    johan65 W/ Alumni Posts: 20 Security Scout


    Hi Dear!



    Unfortunately, this product does not save any quarantine data in to a database and therefore there are no possibilities to manage mail in a way you like. The only thing you can do is mentioned here in this very Community by a command within linux cmd-window. Please read more here. Maybe if you have a license to use "F-Secure Antivirus for MS Exchange" and, of course, have that kind of mail server, please try this software instead. But do the installation well and follow all the necessary steps and requirements you find in the documentation.



    With Best Regards:

    Johan O Olsson/ATEA Sweden AB Karlstad

  • JGRA
    JGRA MyAccount Posts: 3 Security Scout

     Hi Johan,


       I´ve done that but the thing is that the e-mail is sent as a plain text file and I couldnt send it to the users because the attachments are seen in MIME format, to say nothing about HTML format. Is there a way to restore the e-mail as it was originally sent so that we can extract the attachments? Some kind of script that make some treatment on the headers bofore sending it?


    Best Regards,




  • klauzser
    klauzser MyAccount Posts: 12 Security Scout

    I've been looking for the quarantined data for Internet gatekeeper for a long time. I should have read something here first as I wasted a lot of time. Thanks anyway.image

  • danychouinard
    danychouinard MyAccount Posts: 1 Security Scout

    I also have install SAMBA to access the quarantine since the mail command line trick doesn't seem to handle MIME HTML content properly.  To rename files, I prefere a single command to scan the whole quarantine folder in my CRON :


    find /var/tmp/quarantine -type f ! -name "*.eml" -exec mv {} {}.eml \;


    This will look only for files that does not already have the eml extension et rename it with the proper eml extension.

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