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F-Secure can be removed by ANY admnistrator of the machine

RobertoSilvaChu W/ Alumni Posts: 33 Junior Protector

Hi, I realized the last version of F-Secure Client Security 12.00, can be removed by any administrator (in Control Panel -> Program & Resources, just select F-Secure Slient Security 12.00 and click uninstall)



Even you disallow the user remove the application in Policy Manager, if the end-user used to login is admin of the machine, he can remove the antivirus by Control Panel.


I have a customer where use the F-Secure in school labs (and they need keep the end-user as machine administrator), so any student can remove the antivirus, even if I disable the option Allow users to uninstall F-Secure products in Policy Manager Server.


Realize the option says:
Prevent end-users from uninstalling F-Secure software from computer. Applies to all Windows operating systems, even to Windows NT/2000/XP where the end-user has administrative rights.


The customer uses Windows 10 and F-Secure Client Security 12.00


Oh my! Im testing here and I realize the F-Secure Client Security have a folder where have an application called Uninstaller.exe and if you run this application, he just start to remove the F-Secure! So anyone can run this application and remove F-Secure from machine!

C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Uninstall\uninstaller.exe



Have anyway to prevent the administrator user to remove the F-Secure antivirus from the computer (using Windows Control Panel -> Programs and Resources and select uninstall)?


Best Regards,


Roberto Chu

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