Does Scheduled Scan Wake up PC from Sleep Mode

Will a scheduled scan from a PSB Managment Portal Profile wake up Windows 7 & 10 machines from Sleep mode automatically?


If not, do I need to set a parameter in the scheduled scan task or configure each client?



Platform: PSB Management Portal

Products: Workstation Security 12.01


  • SCIS_fso1
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  • SCIS_fso1
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    Hello Vad,


    After manually configuring the task on the client, the task configuration changed after the next auto update for F-Secure.  Can you provide a tip for maintaining the state of the task even after F-Secure software update occurs?



  • Vad
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    Yes, in some conditions the scheduled scan task can be re-created and your changes may be lost.

    To avoid this, you can create your own task with the same action as the original one.


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