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malfunctioning pattern update?




we have some problem with the web traffic scanning ... we get an detection of Trojan:HTML/Kovter.C on many websites like




I can not believe, that all these sites publish trojans. I think some patterns are wrong.


Already cleaned the patterns on the policy server and redownloaded the recent once .. still the same.


I hope, that tomorrow the patterns are fixed - if not I have to deactivate the web traffic scanning!


Best regards



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    you made my day Smiley Happy the Policy Manager had already downloaded and distributed the new patterns. Wouldn't have been so nice with Web Traffic Scanning problems with about 1500 installations. Glad I'm able to acivate web traffic scanning again.


    Perhaps a dashboard somewhere in the support area for customers would be very great to get a notice if there is a problem with patterns or outbreak  conditions ... Would really be great!


    Best regards


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