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Moving to Windows 10

youngj W/ Alumni Posts: 14 Security Scout

We're just beginning to look at migrating to Windows 10.  We're running Client Security Premium and we're presently holding on version 11.x.  It apprears we'll need to move to 12.x to allow for Windows 10.


In the meantime, looking to run Client Security Premium on Surface Pro's with Windows 10 while not yet upgrading our platform from 11.x.  Just need pointed in the right direction for how I might download/install a stand-alone version on these units.


Trial?  I doubt our 11.x license key would do any good?


Thanks for any advice.


  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello youngj,


    Client Security product doesn't support standalone installations.

    You will need fresh version (12.10) of PM and CS Premium + new trial license key for 12.x versions.


    Best regards,


  • youngj
    youngj W/ Alumni Posts: 14 Security Scout

    Thank you much.  Can you suggest what would be the best comparable,stand-alone alternative amongst what I then suppose would have to be the F-Secure "Home" line of products?


    Just need something to temporarily get by with for a small batch of Windows 10 devices preferably with F-Secure and not someone else.

  • Unknown



    why not upgrade your Policy Server to 12.10 - it still manages the 11.x versions.

    So you can rollout version 12.10 for the windows 10 clients ...


    BTW - Server Security is also on version 12 now - and you have not the recreate the certificates for the local F-Secure access console on that servers ...


    So you can stay on the version 11.x on your clients/server but have the possibility to use the new versions (if needed on server or clients) 


    best regards


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