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Client Security slows down system almost to standstill

Sec_Consultant W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

In the logfile I see that this afternoon came an automatic update to F-Secure Scanner Manager (together with some virus database updates like aquarius, gemini and so on) which seems to be a part of F-Secure Client Security Premium 12.10 build 600. 

After that update the system (Windows 10 64Bit still version 1511 build 10586.545) slows down so dramatically that working is no longer possible, although the taskmanager shows only 13% CPU usage of an specific F-Secure task. Other tasks are looking quite normal around 2 or 3 %.


When switching off all F-Secure features by unchecking everything in the menue under settings.

The speed comes back to normal.


The systemw was already restartet twice, but no change.


Has anybody an idea what to do?

Do other users/customers have the same problem?


Switching off F-Secure is not the best solution.


Update: Switching on again the F-Secure Features kept the system with normal speed. When starting the client next day (after shutdown), it started again extremely slowly (needed 15 minutes for starting).

So I can switch off F-Secure to get normal speed, and a bit later switch it on again, the speed is ok till the system is restarted :-(


  • EJWill
    EJWill W/ Alumni Posts: 5 Security Scout



    We're experiencing the same problem with 15+ PC's which has now started hampering production. We have tried reinstalling F-Secure and met with the same issue. All of our issues appear to be on our Windows 7 Pro x86 computers.


    What we seem to have is that the FSSM32 process is eating up all the CPU and everything else slows to an unusable crawl. By ending the task manually (after waiting for task manager to even open) we get a few seconds of functionality before it relaunches itself and continues it's glutonous gourge of our CPU's.


    The only way we've managed to get around it, is to disable the Gatekeeper service and end the FSSM32 processes one last time. However, this basically stops F-Secure from being an anti virus and leaves us vulnerable as it will stop its real-time functionallity.


    I've submitted a support ticket - but my finger points at a recent f-secure update.

  • Ben
    Ben W/ Alumni Posts: 664 Cybercrime Crusader



    @Sec_Consultant could you please open a support ticket with an fsdiag so we can investigate this behavior better. Also how many machines are affected on your end?


    @EJWill I highlighted your ticket to our support. 

  • Sec_Consultant
    Sec_Consultant W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

    Hi Ben,


    I created a support ticket (No XXXXXX) but the FSDiag-file is 60 MB and therefore I couldn't attach it.


    I started FSDiag during the slow system and it took over 90 minutes to collect the data.

    Do you have other upload possibilities?


    EDIT: Remove PII

  • EJWill
    EJWill W/ Alumni Posts: 5 Security Scout
    Too add to our issue. It appears to have started soon after the F-Secure Scanner Manager Update 2016-09-13_02 got installed.
  • eeyore78
    eeyore78 W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout



    we have the same problem. In last few days some of the computers has been very slow because of F-secure scanner.

  • maxime
    maxime W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout


    we have the same problem. 20 pc are very slow. The boot is slow 10mn. After boot We have to discharge/restart fsecure. But every day we have to do again at least 3 times.

    Very time consuming for it staff and customers



    fsdiag send to FS

    Numero de référence: XXXXXXXX
    Date de création: 15.9.2016
    Objet: slow computer

    F-Secure: XXXXXXXXXXX slow computer ref:_00Db0JXpV._500b0ojJtm:ref



  • EJWill
    EJWill W/ Alumni Posts: 5 Security Scout

    Have been contacted by F-Secure support team, to run diagnostics on seperate binaries which have been sent so we'll see what they come up with.


    Still the same issues this morning now getting on to 4 working days. I had left some problem clients on over the weekend to see if there was a process that just needed finishing - but this has had no affect.

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