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PM10 and 503

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Hello all and what a nice community you have here :)


Interesting PM10 problem was "given" to me earlier today.


Our customer has PM10 and recent clients. No they realized, their client security's had not been updated since 30th June.


So off I go and check it and what do you know, that really is the case.


As I am not too familiar with PM10 yet, the first thing to try is to distribute policy with nice command of "update now". No luck.


As it appears that server has recent updates, I decided to restart PMS and AUS. Well.. after that the AUS did not start at all, but PMS did. Status monitor gives 503 on all three ports, which, you all know, stands for "service unavailable".


Well then.. I take a look on FSAUS.PM\logs and notice that it is complaining about "subchannels" and "subchannels_log" files, which I then back up and delete. After that.. the FSAUS starts fine.. but still, I have the 503!


I stop the services, copy back the backups of the files overwriting the new ones which AUS had created.. and I thought I would be in situation of AUS not starting.. bs, AUS starts fine.


But still 503.. And cannot start console or anything..


Here are the last lines of log file of


Jul-13-13:26:34.990 4-INF 00101310 2516 ACTION: Login from console. User name: admin (address:
Jul-13-13:26:34.990 0-??? 00000000 2516 SrvInfoFile::commit_and_free_memory: Can't write to file
Jul-13-13:26:34.990 2-ERR 00101605 2516 PresentationDB:Smiley Tonguereprocess_info_file(): Can't close the info file D:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\FSAUS.PM/data/import/aqualnx32_1310544689/info.iad
Jul-13-13:26:34.990 2-ERR 00101587 2516 PresentationDB::Insert(): error on preprocessing of info file D:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\FSAUS.PM/data/import/aqualnx32_1310544689/info.iad when inserting a new InfoPak
Jul-13-13:26:34.990 2-ERR 00101454 2516 MonitorThread::handle_add_prs(): Can't add presentation to DB
Jul-13-13:26:34.990 2-ERR 00001000 2516 iad_rmfile(): system/library call unlink() failed, path=D:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\FSAUS.PM/data/import/aqualnx32_1310544689/7zip.xmd, see errno (reason: 13)
Jul-13-13:26:34.990 2-ERR 00001008 2516 iad_rmdir(): cannot delete dir D:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\FSAUS.PM/data/import/aqualnx32_1310544689 because deletion of entry 7zip.xmd failed (reason: 00001000 13)
Jul-13-13:26:34.990 4-INF 00101309 2516 ACTION: Logout from console. User name: admin


Hmm.. so the AUS is logging in to console?


And import-folder appears empty, except of sudden appearance of "aqualnx32_1310544689" which lasts for about a second or less or so.


Anyone, ideas?


My former colleagues are not answering me Smiley Wink I guess they are on their holiday...


And greetings to my former clients :) Hello Matthias J :)


Best Regards,

Janne S


  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master



    this looks like access right problem.


    Start with AUA-reset.exe from

    Then correct access rights for fsms




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