F-secure Proxy Manager and Policy Manager configuration



I'm trying to deploy the following configuration:

We have 5 branche offices on wich i want to install a F-secure Proxy manager and in the main office the Policy Manager.


The policy manager server is working correct with the client. now i have installerd the proxy manager on a server in a remote branche and connected that one woth the PM in the main office.


Our main office Pm server: http://virusscanner.vanoers.nl:8080

The Policy manager Proxy server in branch office: http://zu-print01:81

Our internet proxy from where the PM server is getting his updates:

f-secure cleint is configured with the F-secure manager proxy


When i verify the download log on a F-secure client i get the following:

[ 4188]Fri Oct 07 14:40:37 2016(2):  Connecting to http://virusscanner.vanoers.nl:80 (http://zu-print01:81,
[ 4188]Fri Oct 07 14:40:37 2016(3):  Update check failed. There was an error connecting http://virusscanner.vanoers.nl:80 via update proxy http://zu-print01:81 via http proxy (Server error)
[ 4188]Fri Oct 07 14:40:37 2016(2):  Connecting to http://virusscanner.vanoers.nl:80 (http://zu-print01:81, no HTTP proxy)...
[ 4188]Fri Oct 07 14:40:43 2016(2):  Update check completed successfully. No updates are available.


Updates do get installed but i dont know if the proxy manager is working and what the erros mean.

How can i check if the f-secure proxy manager is working correctly?


Gr. Tim


  • VanOers
    VanOers Posts: 2 New Member

    Hello Vad,


    Our client workstations cannnot directly connect to the internet through the proxyserver (thats oke) Only the PM server can. So the error in the log is fine then and the connection to the PM proxy works. The PMproxy now connects to the pm server and get the updates and share them from the branch office pm proxy, right?


    Gr. Tim

  • Vad
    Vad Posts: 1,082 Forum Guru

    Basing on the log, yes.


    Best regards,


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