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Speed of Policy Manager 12.20



is there any possibility to improve the working speed of the GUI in Policy Manager 12.20.

Compared to 12.10 it is very slow - colors and style are ok now - but the speed is so slow!





  • SMunken
    SMunken W/ Alumni Posts: 10 Security Scout



    I'm having the exact same problem. As of now the policy manager is unusable.


    I'm gonna have to rollback to 12.10.




    Simon Munk

  • dandelion
    dandelion W/ Alumni Posts: 31 Junior Protector



    can you describe the problem in more details? What parts are slower than PM 12.10? 


  • Hi,


    the whole handling of the PM is slower


    for example - you click on "Alarms" it took very long until the alarms are listed. Then click on Summary - all takes very long.


    If you like we can make a remote session next week ...

  • dandelion
    dandelion W/ Alumni Posts: 31 Junior Protector

    What's the number of hosts PMS currently manages? 


    It would be helpful for further investigation if you could contact F-Secure support and supply the diagnostics package from the server. The support should give you instructions how to do that. 

  • UK
    UK W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout



    I'm having the exact same problem too! It takes 2-3 minutes to start, old Version 12.10 max. 15 sec. and I get the error message: 318 in event -log

    Product: F-Secure Anti-Virus (OID:

    Severity: error (3)

    Message: Scanning of sun/management/counter/AbstractCounter.class was aborted due to exceeded scanning time limit. The file may be in use or reading it was too slow (e.g. network connection was under stress).

    Best regards


    U. Kreutz

  • @dandelion I have about 1100 Clients and Servers in that policy server. Ticket is created, because of the file size the diag file was uploaded to the F-Secure FTP (about 180MB).


  • RmB
    RmB W/ Alumni Posts: 23 Junior Protector



    We have exact same problem. Policy Manager 12.20 is extremely slow if you change views for example root domain and summary. It takes 30-60seconds to show details. 


    12.10 is working much faster.


    Update: Seriously there is something really wrong with PM 12.20 GUI. Now it takes almost 1minute to open console. I can see some errors from Policy Manager machine where Server Security 12.00 is also installed.




  • dandelion
    dandelion W/ Alumni Posts: 31 Junior Protector

    It is confirmed that PM 12.20 may have performance issues in certain environments, compared to PM 12.10. The developers are currently working on a hotfix for that issue. 


    Meanwhile, the following measures can be taken to lessen the impact:

    1. Check that the number of alerts is not big. If that's the case, configure the alert filtering to hide alerts beyond a reasonable threshold in days. 

    2. Temporarily decrease the number of hosts having 'latest' and 'recent' virus definitions reported. To do that admin should open PMC preferences > Anti-virus tab and change 'Consider virus definitions outdated after' setting to '0.1' - '0.3'. After that PMC must be restarted.



  • Hi,


    short update ...


    Some of your support guys are funny ...


    First - they thought the H2DB is corrupt and I should recover it - Did so - not speed change.

    Then he said - start with a new fresh database (I did a clean install on a different server) - guess what PM is faster ...

    After that ... he said I shall use a fresh DB and import my clients again ...


    no way - I have about 1100 clients and servers in my policy structure with several policy domains, lots of exclusion, modified settings ...


    In fact - speed is depended on how many clients are in the structure. A small structure with 20 clients - PM is fast ... at our other company we have about 580 clients/servers ... PM reacts slower and on my side with about 1100 nodes - PM is much slower ...

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