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Policy Manager 12.20 (12.21) Problems. Credentials invalid/FSPM Status Monitor

GeminiMDZ W/ Alumni Posts: 7 Security Scout



Recently I started having some problems with f-secure. Problems started when I couldn't log into Policy Manager Console. FSPMC said that credentials for my user was invalid. At first I thought that 2nd Administrator changed password but he didn't. Additionally I checked Status Monitor. It showed my this:


Before I did address the blocked ports I did stop FSPM services and used "reset-admin-account.bat". Then I started services and I was able to log on. Afterwards I did opened ports (2221-2223 443; previously I did have only 2221 for hosts) on firewall and clients started to reconnecting to FSPM. I was thinking that my problem was fixed.

Few days later FSPMC served me another error about my user credentials. The only thing I did is restarting FSPM services and voila my account credentials were valid. Status monitor still shows the same errors (in fact screen capture above was taken few minutes ago but I remember it showing the same errors before opening ports on firewall).

P.S. In steps of fixing FSPM I did restart my system and also restored database from backup dating before I had this problem.


P.P.S. Today I had to restart FSPM 3 times.


  • etomcat
    etomcat W/ Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master

    Hello, please mark this topic as solved after the solution has been verified as successfull.

  • GeminiMDZ
    GeminiMDZ W/ Alumni Posts: 7 Security Scout

    Well... Sort of. FSPM works fine but stills show that ports are closed. But i think i can live witch that.

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