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Policy Manager Update 12.21 damage h2b Database how get Thema existing Clients in Newton PM?

Bla W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

First hallo to all and please exkuse my Bad english.

I have made an Update to Policy Manager V12.21 and the trouble starts.

First PM do. Not start. At Thema Update Procedere i have to change Thema Port, Thema existing Port wehre Not aczeptet. The Backup of the Database don't work, no Connection, erogner ports.

The F-Secure hotline was very friendlie and they do. they best to help.

My DB Backup was korrupt and by the was it is 1,15 GB bog. (We Sie F-Secure about 10 years non stop). 

The Hotline sende meine an DB repairtool - Dosen work. 

Ok Second Solution step reinstallation of PM und Server Securiti on 2008 R2 Server and Newton install of PM Manager V 12.21 and reinstahl Server Security. After that the Hotline sind me a Tool Namen Keychanger to Distribution by Group policy to change the keys of the existing Client installations. And what ? It dosn't work. The Clients Firewall Blocks it. Same as Distribution as MSV file. No Function.

In Short the Solution that Workshop is:

1. Install PM as Newton and empty

2. Download newesr Version of Client Security and Export it from PM as msi file

3. Make a Group policy to Distribution the msi file to the clients (my Clients postet at that Time V      

    12 and 12.10. The msi file was Client Security V 12.20

    3.1 At Activ Directory Creative a new Ou and Import all Clients you want to See in PM

    3.2 create at sysvol \ scripts a Folter und copy the msi file in that folder

    3.3 create a new GPO by Gpo Editor Computer policy\software distrubution \ on Start

          Be Award to set  the unc path \\ to the msi file in the GPO  that important   

    3.4 Link the GpO with your Createt New OU

4. Send a Email into the Domain to restart the Clients of posible

5. Whait a while 

6. the Clients will Meeting with the new empor PM, you will find them under Root view Not

    maintained Computers.

7. now  will the Import in PM working and the Clients will be Importen und Root and we can work

   with them.

8. every Computer installs the new Version of Client Security and conchs to PM as not jet

     maintained computer.

This was my solution and it works fine.

To find this solution way i need two days and a half night.

no other way was working. 

I hope this will help other people with the same problem.

The Hotline was really interested to help and to find a solution.


Peter Blaschke


  • Ben
    Ben W/ Alumni Posts: 664 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello Bla, 


    Thank you for sharing your experience and solution. Glad that it is now resolved.

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