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Central Policy Management Server and proxy's for distribution of policys and software?

falkowich W/ Alumni Posts: 10 Security Scout


We are working on a new installation with fspms 12.x and "Scanning and Reputation Servers".

So my plan was to put the policy server on a secure network, and have proxys to talk to the clients.

The scanning and reputation servers are on a client facing network too. 
But It seems that it isn't any new installations packages for policy proxies in linux.
Is it a "dead" product?

How do you guys recommend a secure setup with segmented networks and a central policy manager?

Regards Falk


  • falkowich
    falkowich W/ Alumni Posts: 10 Security Scout

    I "was afraid" of that :)
    So the most effective way for this setup is a fspms with:
    - Connection to Internet
    - Connection to all networks that use AV (ip/portxxxx) ("dedicated AV network")

    Regards Falk
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