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Policy Manager Proxy mode

fox W/ Alumni Posts: 19 Security Scout



  • Policy Manager installed in proxy mode now supports caching of software updates.


I'm interested in how to install Policy Manger in proxy mode. Couldn't find information anywhere.


  • fsuhadi
    fsuhadi W/ Alumni Posts: 8 Security Scout



    I have this notes from my archive, but I forgot where I got it before. of course from F-Secure. Hope this helps.


    Installation instructions:


    1. Install Policy Manager Server. Console is not needed except you decided to configure email alerting from this instance.

    2. Open Automatic Update Server server.cfg config and set allow_bwserver_to_serve_bwproxy_requests property to TRUE.

    3. Restart F-Secure Automatic Updater Server service.

    3. Specify fresh installed PM instance as Policy Manager Proxy (PMP table) in polices.

    4. Unlike PMP, Policy Manager is not managed and obviously not visible in a domain tree of a master PM. To somehow monitor "new PMP" we suggest configuring server alerts, so that administrator will get email notification in case anti-virus databases for some reason get outdated.



    * The current diffs number stored by AUS is 35 (num_old_versions_to_compare = 35 in server.cfg). Fill free to increase it to a bigger values if needed. We tested values up to 50 and this causes higher CPU load, that's all. The current value is enough to outlive weekend and for hosts to download diffs when returning on Monday.

    * To ease troubleshooting potential issues with updates delivery to clients we recommend modifying server.cfg as follows: set "log_debug_level = 2" & "log_file_size = 50000000".

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