Using Policy Manager with outside clients

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What steps would be needed to use our Client Secuirty package for our outside users (Sales Staff)?  These users are rarely in the presense of the Policy Manager Server (perhaps only 2-3 times a year) but we would still like to know their status and be able to get policy updates to them. 


Any advice would be appreciated!



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    PSB is ideal for this, and we considered it for the whole environment but with 230 endpoints and growing we chose to do on-premise.


    On the sales staff, most have their own computer and not a company provided one and they usually get Macs so I am not worried about those clients. Mainly the Manager, and VP of Sales but we can deal with them and hence why I want wanting to so a seperate PSB account for 2-4 users.



    We will consider the VPN option.

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    > they usually get Macs so I am not worried about those clients


    Worried not You should be!



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    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    I agree but since they are perosonal and not company owned, I don't have control over them. We have them login to company resources through our Terminal Server, which of course has the Server Security Client on it.

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